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Tuesday, November 27

Time to shake things up a bit!

Instead of featuring a drink today, I am going to focus on some of the food available at the Bonn Christmas market. Yesterday I went out specifically to get a waffle (and some cold remedies). Going during the day to the market is a lot less crazy. There were still plenty of people wandering around, but you could really linger at each stand and not feel pushed with the swells of people who were coming behind you.

I quickly found the dessert stand I wanted to visit. (Have I mentioned how great everything smells? The best smell comes from all the nut stands! Candied almonds really excite my nose!) I settled on the waffle with hot cherries, and I resisted the urge to get whipped cream too:
You can see the hot steam coming off of the cherries!
This is the view from the side of the waffle vendor looking onto the market. You can also get twenty different types of crepes at this stand!
"All fun things are either unmoral, illegal, or they make you fat." Words of wisdom at the Christmas market.
This is the "Sterngasse," or star alley. I find the lights are very fitting! This street connects the Marktplatz with Friedensplatz.
Here is another view of the market. It is a bit easier to see what it looks like in daylight and with fewer visitors.
For some reason, I decided that a waffle wasn't enough for dinner, or at least I quickly came to that conclusion after I walked past these:

I am not sure what these were called, but they were kind of like pizzas, but more in the style of "Flammkuchen," which has a white sauce instead of a tomato sauce. I had one with potatoes and cheese on top. After selecting this type, I decided that probably the best combination would be the one with onions and bacon! It was still tasty, and I could have definitely shared it with someone.

I had my food warmed up in this wood oven. 
Dinner! So tasty! So much food!
As daylight became twilight, I found it much easier to take non-flash photography that equally captured the light decorations while not blurring everything around me!
I've already shown you the animal heads on some stands, and I have noticed that they move. However, I was able to HEAR them this time. This moose is singing "Silver Bells." I guess the market just got a bit more kitschy, like we might expect in the USA.
Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a trash can!

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