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Monday, November 26

The first experiment

On opening day at the Weihnachtsmarkt, I unwittingly tried a drink that is wholly local. Of all the signs I saw of non-Gluehwein drinks, the Verpoorten Punsch intrigued me the most. So on Friday, I had my first taste! 

Everything about Verpoorten is yellow!
 Verpoorten Punsch is a warm drink, with Verpoorten Eierlikoer, or Advocaat (in English?), white wine, cinnamon, and whipped cream. For a recipe (auf Deutsch), visit the Verpoorten website. Advocaat is a liquor made with egg yolks, brandy, sugar or honey, and sometimes cream or milk. I had tried Eierlikoer before; it is often served cold, on top of ice cream. This is amazing, by the way! From consistency, it is a bit thicker than Bailey's. I have never looked for Verpoorten, or other European brands, in the USA before, but I guess you could find it at liquor stores.
The drink in question!
I found the drink to be very different! At first I wasn't convinced that it would be something I would frequently try, but it kind of grows on you. I will note that it is best enjoyed in small sips, and that it is particularly popular with the 45-65 and female age group. I didn't notice any guys trying it at this stand.
Here is a close-up. The Verpoorten company does a good job of advertising its product, complete with recipe cards on tables for people to take home and try.
Verpoorten began in 1876, when the first Verpoorten perfected the art of mixing egg yolks and alcohol to make a fluid consistency. In 1952, the company set up its headquarters in Bonn. I imagine that a lot of regional eggs head to this plant each day.

Cheers from Bonn!

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