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Thursday, November 22

Nebelig November (Foggy November)

Since today is Thanksgiving, and there really isn't a huge need for me to overload you all with Christmas-y cheer and whatnot, today's post is about Bonn weather! Don't worry, I am heading out soon to scope out the Weihnachtsmarkt progress.

Normally November is filled with gray days and on-again, off-again rain showers. Since I’ve seen the sun so little this month, each time that he does make an appearance, I can’t help but feel an extra spring in my step. On one rainy Sunday a few weeks ago, I thought all would be wet as usual. To my surprise, the sun did show up, right around sunset, and during a rain storm. (I guess one still has to take the good with the bad, the sun and the rain together!).

This weather combination made for an impressive sky. Here are some photo highlights I took while running from one end of my apartment to the other like a crazy person! Luckily one of my other roommates was also home, right next to me, taking pictures too.

Double Rainbow!

The rainbow from my roof skylight.

Here is proof that it was complete!

The sky turned an ominous yellow color after the rain. 

For those interested, here is what my roof looks like! Yes, I do think there is moss growing on it. Perhaps this will help with winter insulation issues??

Where the rain clouds came from.

The sunset was stunning!

Hello, Siebengebirge! Why yes you look lovely after the storm!

The last photo from my apartment.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope that those of you celebrating are able to spend the day with those most dearest to you! All of you will be in my thoughts, even if I am thousands of miles away on the other side of the world!

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