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Thursday, November 29

Catching Up

Yesterday, if you can believe it, I DID NOT visit the Christmas market! I know, I felt like a slacker for not eating anything sweet or drinking anything spiked spiced, but I am trying to get over my cold, and I need to be in tip top shape for the "Lange Nacht" on Friday. Only on this day will the Weihnachtsmarkt be open until midnight! I think that will give all cheer-lovers more than enough time to enjoy the market!

Today I only have a few random things to share. First, after my post on mistletoe, I quickly saw this stand, taking mistletoe to a whole new level!
Sticks of mistletoe...on sticks!
Last weekend I also had the pleasure of trying "Gluehbier." Yes, I had hot, spiced beer. I really had no idea what to expect, other than the hot part. Gluehbier drinkers get awesome glasses, which might actually make it worth taking these ones home. Many vendors offer Gluehbier, so I may need to try it a couple more times to make any definitive judgments.

Me and my Gluehbier! (Sung to the tune of "Me and my Llama" - circa 1978, Sesame Street)
I found that Gluehbier tastes similar to Belgian lambic beers, like Kriek (which means cherry, in Flemish/Dutch). And it was hot, not chilled, of course. I am a fan of fruity beers, as they usually have no a lighter beer taste and are sweeter.

Liefman's Gluehbier

(Sometimes I write up my synopsis of something European, and then only afterward do I think to research it. And, as luck would have it, I know more than I realize I know! Liefman's Gluehbier is indeed brewed by Belgians and has cherries and spices! So, it is basically spiced up Kriek. It takes two years to brew Gluehbier, so I am guessing it is pretty expensive as an import in the USA.)

Finally, after my video post on animatronics, I remembered where I saw something similar. So, without further adieu, here is your second link to Rick Steves' Christmas Special: France. Around minute 3:00, you'll understand what I mean!

Friends, get excited, because today I am visiting my second Weihnachtsmarkt - in Koblenz, where my university is located. I'll have lots of new impressions and photos tomorrow!
"Bis morgen!"

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