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Friday, November 23

Ode to Weihnachtsmarkt Tiere (Animals)

Yesterday vendors were putting the final touches on their booths. The last light strands were being added to the pedestrian zone of the city. On my way to the gym, I observed a second, huge Christmas tree being raised at the Marktplatz. Plus, there are tons of smaller evergreens that have been attached to street lamps and poles all throughout the city. Not that I would do this, nor am I advocating it, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to borrow one of these little trees for one's own holiday decorations!

Whooooo are you looking at?

Vendors have adorned their stands with a lot of different animals.
Anyone a fan of roosters? Anyone? For your garden?
"Bin im Garten" - I'm in the garden. Well, I don't think frogs are in the garden right now, but maybe in the summer?
Either this is ninja bear, hostage bear, or a gummy bear that someone has liberated from the Haribo factory.
This pigeon I photographed on the way to one of Bonn's outdoor ice rinks.
Who knew that moose were willing advertisers of Gluehwein?
The final light strands were being stretched across the sidewalks today. I can't wait to see everything on at night! I do wish that I had a nicer camera and a tripod for capturing those dark shots!
 Today the market officially opens! I am going to need a lot of friends to visit with me, as I may be working up a plan to visit as many food/drink vendors as I can! And, who wants to enjoy all these things alone, right?

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  1. I would put one of those roosters in my garden... Wish I were there to sample the Glühwein and Waffeln with you!