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Wednesday, November 28

More (scary) animals

One of the drink pyramids; so pretty at nightfall!
Thanks to all of you who have commented on my blogs, either on this website, on facebook, or through personal communication! If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see more (or less) of, I hope that I might be able to oblige!

The sunset was so beautiful last night! Photos don't really do the colors justice.
Yesterday's market visit was a bit spontaneous. Wait, who am I kidding! If I have to go to the city center for anything, of course I will stop by the market to see what is "los." My main objective was to purchase a big kid's choir folder, one made of leather with lots of methods for holding different types of scores. I was successful, despite the fact that the saleswoman I worked with did not believe the price on the packaging. She even called the main store in Cologne to try to confirm the "correct" price for the "luxus" (luxury) folder I wanted, as it cost the same as the simpler version without the three-ring binder insert. It all ended well, though.

At the market yesterday I felt compelled to take my MIL's advice about drinking hot beverages to help with my cold! I don't think she meant to have Gluehwein! I tried hot white apple wine. It was very tasty, from what I could taste. I had to experience the white version for the sake of B, who is not a fan of traditional spiced wine. It didn't seem to have the same hint of cinnamon and cloves, but it was still delicious! This tasting made me think that I've been going about my experiments all wrong, though. I haven't tried normal Gluehwein yet; which I probably should, and then I can use that taste as the control for future variants.
Here was my target: "Weisser Apfelgluehwein fuer Kenner." Only for those who know about it?

Mug action! This mug depicts a scene from the Bochum Christmas market. I have no idea why we have glasses from  Bochum in Bonn.
One additional treasure that I discovered yesterday was this:

Attack of the mechanized stuffed animals.
That's right, Dad! More stuffed animals that move and sing! If you thought the moose was spooky, you clearly haven't seen this department store display! I never noticed this scene before, so maybe Galleria Kaufhof just revealed it on Tuesday. 

Who is looking at who?

And a video, so you can really get an idea of what is going on! My favorite is the monkey that is raking snow. Very few of the animals in this display seem to be native winter species!

Christmas lights!
Until the next Christmas market visit!

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