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Friday, January 4

The Wiesbaden Market

My German host family loves the Wiesbaden market. It is different from other markets, in that the theme is shooting stars, and all of the lights and decorations are more in this motif. G, D and I headed out shortly after I got to Wiesbaden, and we first checked out a quick organ concert at the Protestant church near the market. It was a real treat, and my host parents really enjoyed it too! We then met some of G and D’s friends, who were super cute and nice! We wandered around the market some, and then later met G and D’s son and his girlfriend. So far, when I hang out with these Wiesbaden folks, a common theme concerning me is that I am not really an American, or at least not a stereotypical one! I like that I can be a connection for them all to the USA, all while knowing the language and the traditions well in Germany, so that we understand each other well and appreciate all that we learn from each other every time we are together! They love me so much, and they even picked me up again from the airport when I got back to Germany this week.

Following the requisite Glühwein, we went to the “Ratskeller” and got something small to eat and some beers to drink. Ganz Gemütlich! G and I went to the market again on Thursday night, including another visit to the organ concert at the Protestant church. We stayed for the service, which was randomly bilingual (English-German). We sang “O Come Emmanuel,” one of my favorites, but I did not hear a single other person singing along. It is not widely known in Germany, and we only got a copy of the text, not the music.
Overall I really enjoyed the Wiesbaden market, as it was definitely an example of something different, and the company was wonderful!

Here is a view of the church where we attended the organ concerts.

Me and a tree made of poinsettias! It was so beautiful!

One of the many Wiesbaden vendors.

Here you can see the unique lighting of my market. So pretty!

German Christmas tree!

Super Gluehwein in Wiesbaden!

These look like little marshmellow cakes. Mine was mocha flavored!

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  1. Anonymous6/1/13 13:41

    Hi Renee, I really enjoyed this about Wiesbaden Market as I got to go there when visiting my brother in Wiesbaden. Always thought it would be fun to see it at Christmas! Also went into the church for an organ concert. Beautiful place. Carolyn