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Friday, January 4

Geputzt, Gepackt, Gebacken und Gekauft!

Between my trip to Hamburg and my slow trek back to SD for Christmas, I had one day in Bonn to wrap up all of the above activities: cleaning, packing, baking, and shopping. I should also note, that even after arriving late Monday night, I still fit in washing a load of laundry and hanging out with some of my choir friends after their rehearsal that night. I was really glad I got to see them before heading home, as more people were at the bar than usual, and seemed to drink more than usual and were very friendly in wishing me a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Tuesday was an extremely overwhelming day. I had to return a gift, plus pick up four or so final items to bring back to the USA. I think my favorite purchase is a bottle of “Holunderbl├╝tenlik├Âr,” or elderberry blossom liquor. Germans and Europeans are big on elderberries, in both blossom and fruit form. I have no idea what type of cocktails I am going to make with this liquor, but I didn’t even know it existed before this year, and I have no idea if it is even available in the US. (I would welcome any comments on if this liquor is in the USA, or if you have a favorite cocktail using it!)

I also vacuumed most of the apartment, picked up my two rooms, washed the bathroom and toilet room, and baked a double batch of molasses cookies to share with my other choir, my host professor, and my host family in Wiesbaden. I admit that I was very disappointed that only ONE of my many cookies was eaten at my choir Christmas party, especially since I had made a double batch. To make up for that, though, one of the women in my choir said my cookies were delicious, and the department secretary in Koblenz was so impressed that she insisted on having the recipe!

Santa showed up to our choir party!
Christmas tree!
We had so much food!
After an entertaining and tasty Christmas fest on Tuesday night, I prepared for my Bonn departure Wednesday morning. I spent the midday in Koblenz, and then went to Wiesbaden to spend a day and a half with my German family (of Mainz soccer fame). I admit that the most stressful part of my holiday travel was Wednesday afternoon. My bus was almost 20 minutes late, between the traffic and how full it was, and I had to run to catch my train. My bus driver kept cursing all of the students who take the bus I ride. Of course there are tons of students on the bus that goes to the university. I really don’t think the better solution would be that they all have their own cars. I don’t like it when people hate on students being students and environmentally friendly. All in all, I was relieved to get to Wiesbaden, where I got to spend some quality time with my German friends and included visits to two different Christmas markets! More on those later…

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