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Thursday, December 20


Back in August, I suggested to one of my BuKa friends that we should go to Salzburg in December. Sure, it would be cold, possibly snowy, and during a busy time of the year for us all, but I am so glad we went! I lived in Salzburg during Spring 2005, where I attended Salzburg College and lived with a host family. 2005 was the first time I had gone back to Europe after my first trip in 2000, when I was still in high school. I loved all things about my semester abroad, except for the expense. Still, I got to travel a lot during that semester, and highlights included learning how to ski in the Alps, taking voice lessons with a professor at the Mozarteum Conservatory, and improving my German. Clearly I caught the Europe bug after this trip, and as soon as I got home in June of that year, I was already trying to figure out how to get back.

I missed Christmas in Salzburg in 2005, but I did not miss the snow. We had tons of snow during the winter months, which made everything seem so much more magical and surreal. Our trip this week felt very similar. I was so excited that we arrived with snow already on the ground, and it continued to snow almost the entire time that we were there. Maybe that meant that we were a bit damp and cold at times, but I completely thought it was worth it!

Enjoy the photos, and the video from Rick Steves' Christmas Special: Austria edition!

First Salzburg drink: Radler (half beer, half grapefruit juice)! So tasty and refreshing!

S and E were lacking in winter outerwear. The umbrellas helped with blocking the snow.

Cold Beautiful stroll along the Salzach river. E and S were not as excited about it!

Awesome snow-covered tree!

It's my city! Salzburg! Sooooooo pretty! This is the view from Mirabell Gardens, facing south towards the Altstadt.

Much happier after a night's sleep, even though we still were lacking one travel buddy.

Mozart duckies! Have I mentioned that Mozart was born in Salzburg, and that he hated it here?

Fortress plus new sculpture art.

We walked up to the fortress, and we found these cool Christmas decorations. Each ball kind of looked like it had a Santa hat on.

E, S, and I, with the Dom in the background.

E taking a picture. We nearly slid down the path to the bottom of the mountain. Snow is pretty, and dangerous!

This is Bob's father.

Salzburg College Alum '05. We hung out here for a bit, getting a free coffee and using the free WIFI. Back in my day, there was no WIFI at Salzburg College. How things have changed!

Spinach dumplings with browned butter and Parmesan. This was sooooo yummy, even though I couldn't finish it. 

Famous Salzburg dessert - whipped egg whites, sugar, and raspberries. Very delicious, very big!

This photo is awful, but I had to post it, because the idea behind it is so marvelous!
Augustinerbraeu - my favorite hang-out in Salzburg. Monk-brewed beer, without preservatives, and a spirited atmosphere. The beer is great! L even finished hers, for the first time ever!

S and her four beers. Actually, we each had one; she didn't drink all four!

Many Humboldtian greetings from Salzburg!

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