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Sunday, December 16

Salzburg Christkindlmarkt

Salzburg's Christmas market is a serious business. Their brochure remarked that about 1,000,000 people visit their market every year. That is crazy! I already had seen some scenes from Salzburg's market, as have you all, if you watched Rick Steves' video from my last post. I feel like this market is really professional. The organizers know tons of people are coming, so they have made it possible for these mobs to make it through the stands. The stands are very spaced out, and there are just two main squares with vendors, one in front of the Dom, and one to the south of the Dom. Enjoy the pictures!

The Christmas market!!!! I found the backdrop of the church to be wonderful! I love how Europeans like to light up their churches at night.
More little animals! These guys were super cute! A lot of vendors had intricate items for sale! If I knew what I'd do with all of these things, I would buy some. I am already wondering how I am going to get everything back to the USA after my year here, not to mention what I need to bring with for Christmas!
Such a pretty tree! The two trees in Bonn look like Charlie Brown trees in comparison to this. I think that people are afraid someone will steal the lower light strands from the trees in Bonn, so they look very dark close to the ground. This tree, however, is much better!
Me and Gluehwein! Here you can see how wide the walkways were. This Gluehwein was pretty good, but nothing too earth-shattering. My friends tried the blueberry Gluehwein, which apparently tasted like the traditional version.
The garland and light strands were a nice touch!
The ladies with their mugs!
One last market picture. I don't think all one million visitors were there on Monday night. I imagine it is completely packed on the weekends.
Mozart! This plaza hosts the ice rink, and it is right next to the Christmas market.
Goodbye, Salzburg! Bis zum naechsten Mal! I hope I can get back sometime soon, but I really need to go back to Freiburg. I lived there even longer, but it is more difficult to get to than some other places in Germany and Austria.

Get excited for my  next posts! Siegburg, Aachen, and Hamburg are all on the books for the next couple of days.

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  1. What fun! M and I went to the Salzburg market just as it opened in 2010, on the tail end of our trip through Austria. We got a tasty Schneeball and a verrry alcoholic punch of some kind. What other touristy things did you do there? The fortress? Mozart's house?