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Friday, November 30

Koblenz Market

As promised, here is the low-down on the Weihnachtsmarkt in Koblenz. Yesterday, after meeting with my host professor, I headed out a bit earlier to snap some shots of Koblenz's market. As many of you know, I travel to Koblenz once a week to work at my host university. Despite being there almost 10 times, I have not taken the time to see more of the city, besides the train station and the Uni, which is located nowhere near the center of town. So, these shots are not only Christmas shots, but first shots of the city I don't really know.

Koblenz does have some cute houses. The architecture in the city center is more traditional than Bonn's except for the city's new mall, the Forum, which is huge and has a green, fake leaf metal casing around it. (See below.)
Photo credits from here.
There wasn't a lot going on at the market yesterday. Partly that was because the weather was awful, and I was there in the early afternoon. Still the Gluehwein pyramids were ready for patrons!
What, a statue on a market stand? Haven't seen that before!

This was the most popular stand I saw. Koblenz's market is spread out on several different markets. For someone who had never been there before, I just sort of wandered around and hoped I'd find one of the areas with the market.
Nothing says Christmas in Germany like a Bitburger beer stand in the shape of a Dutch windmill.

Here is another Koblenz building, with images from German fairy tales.
Inside the main Catholic church in Koblenz. It was very pretty!
 Overall, I was not very impressed with the Koblenz market. To be fair, I probably need to experience it during the evening, but it still had fewer vendors, and it just wasn't as exciting looking as Bonn's! Bonn ist besser! (Bonn is better!)

When my roommate asked me yesterday if I wanted to go to our market, I thought about saying no, citing the rain and my cold as excuses, but then I decided, "I only live once!" I can always be sick on Friday (which I still am).

To aid in comparative testing, I tried regular Gluehwein. It was okay, but not as good as my homemade recipe. I guess I should stick to trying the more exotic types, the ones I don't know how to make myself!
My second dinner: Reibekuchen mit Apfelmus. Potato pancakes with applesauce. This was soooo delicious! I shouldn't have thought otherwise. When ever are deep-fried potato products NOT delicious?

Tonight I am going to the market again, so we will see how crowded it is with the extended hours. Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. I spent a week in Koblenz with the German Historical Institute's Summer Archive Seminar a couple years ago. We learned how to read the old Schrift from an archivist who used to work there. Have you seen the Dreieck yet? You haven't really been to Koblenz until you've seen where the Rhein and the Mosel Rivers come together.