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Sunday, October 21

My new apartment!

Many have requested learning more about the place that I am living here in Bonn. So, as promised, here are some photos and descriptions of the place I call home!

Here is a photo of the exterior of my apartment building. The five windows above are to my apartment, which I share with two other women. The single window to the left is my bedroom window! My apartment is a part of a larger hospital complex in the northern part of the city center. While in Freiburg, I also lived close to a hospital. I guess if I need immediate medical attention, I will be set again for this year! (Note: I never needed immediate medical attention while living in Freiburg.)

When you enter our place, you come to our hallway. This is a photo taken from my office. Notice the two doors on the right of the photo: we have a separate shower and toilet room. Otherwise, just your usual pink-carpeted hallway...

This is the control center - my desk and TV area in my office. It works pretty well! I also built the desk, bookshelf and lamp pictured!

This is the less exciting corner of my office. In theory, I would like to get a sofa bed and rug to make this part of the room more home-y feeling, and to have space for entertaining and overnight guests, hint hint!
I live in an attic apartment, so that means lots of angled walls/ceilings. My office doesn't really have a proper window, just this skylight. It lets in plenty of light, but you've really got to look out of it in order to see anything but the sky, clouds, and the occasional bird.
This photo is of the "Siebengebirge," or the seven mountain peaks, near Bonn. I took this photo from the above window, on my tip toes. It is still pretty, even if it is difficult to see!

My second room - the bedroom! It is very small, but all I do here is sleep and get dressed. I am slowly getting the hang of turning on the heating on and off in my two rooms, based on when and where I am in either space. I love my duvet cover sheets! They are super soft, and they zip close around the duvet and my pillow. This arrangement is 20 times better than Freiburg, where I had paper thin Ikea sheets and slept in a bed without feet. Notice the extra mattress under my bed, which is also ready for guests!

This is the other side of my bedroom, complete with wardrobe and dresser. One of my roommates just recently gave me the dresser, as she no longer needed the storage space. I, however, also do not need the extra storage space, as I brought two suitcases worth of things with me to Germany! I hope I don't go too crazy trying to fill the dresser with new things...

I have a very nice "Wohnkueche," or live-in kitchen. I have always wanted a corner table complete with a bench, and now I do! One of the nice things about living with an older woman is that she is used to more of the finer things in life, like actual furniture. So, that means I get to benefit from her desire to have things like matching kitchen chairs and counter space!

Here is the kitchen part of the kitchen, which was not here when I first saw the apartment. I think it looks very nice, and the color is also every cheerful! The oven is brand new, and I helped install the sink plumbing.

There is plenty of room in our non-European size fridge, and the left cupboard is large enough for dry goods as well. Those who have lived in Europe understand how amazing this amount of space is in the kitchen!

Our only wall decoration is a huge map of Bonn, located in our hallway near the kitchen. I am pointing here at where we live! It isn't far from the Rhine, or the city center, located just south of my finger.

We also have a balcony, which can be reached from the other two women's rooms. I don't go out there much, but there is another nice view of the mountains and trees nearby.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my apartment! I hope to show some of you the place in person!

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