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Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Greetings from a country that doesn't really celebrate Halloween!

Despite the absence of the flagrant commercialization of all things hallowed, I attempted to collect some images of Bonn and its environs, to show you all how my day was! Enjoy the photos and commentary, and have a spooktakular night!

Today I went to Koblenz. Since it was so clear, I noticed that Koblenz must be in the main flight path for Frankfurt, as evidenced by all of these flight lines!

More of the Koblenz sky.

Here is a photo from the train on my way back to Bonn. I get to follow along the Rhine on these days, usually getting wrapped up in some sort of podcast.

Another photo from above-mentioned train ride.

Here is a blurry, southern view of some of the castles near Bonn.

Bonn Center, so close to where I live!

Leaves at the bus stop.

With most of the leaves gone, I got a good distance shot of the Catholic church near my apartment.

One example of how some people in Bonn are celebrating Halloween! I think this is more because we have a regional holiday tomorrow: No work or school!!!

Pumpkins, etc. at the market.

Here is a flower stand with a few of the Rathaus in Bonn.

Even at 4 pm the vendors are turning on their lights to show off their products. I can't wait until these stands are filled with Christmas things!

Did you know that Pizza Hut is in Germany too? Kids eat free!

More flight lines and clouds, this time in Bonn.

Autumn wreaths and a dog!

I saw no Halloween decorations, only Christmas decorations!

Bonn University

Table decor at Mai Mai Thai Restaurant near the Uni.

I caught the German and EU flags "posing" for me on this windy day.

"Smoker's Guest-house: Only 18 and older allowed. Passive smoke causes the same illnesses as active smoking" That's right, kids, be sure to only be exposed to second-hand smoke whenever you walk around outside in the city!

Lots of crows swarmed my apartment!

Sunset view from my kitchen. Goodnight!

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