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Friday, April 26

Easter, German style

March was pretty much a wash. I couldn’t do hardly anything, and I had a lot of intense pain, thanks to air in my abdomen. One wouldn’t think that air could be so painful, but it can! I was useless; I couldn’t carry anything; I couldn’t spend a lot of time outside walking; I couldn’t sing. Overall it was a cold, dark month. March was the coldest March on record for Germany, and that coupled with Germany experiencing its darkest winter ever, I just wanted to hibernate!

One highlight of the month was Easter. I tried singing with my more rigorous choir during Easter services, which mostly worked, even when I was spontaneously given a solo line I had not sung before. One fellow choir member graciously invited me to spend the day with him, his wife, and daughter. After choir we headed to their place and had a great time talking together and enjoying a delicious meal. In fine German fashion, we also took a Sunday Spaziergang, or walk, up to the Drachenfels ruins on the other side of the Rhine. Drachenfels is one of the best overlooks in Bonn, and visitors can reach the top of the hill/mountain by foot or by tram. We, of course, took the “granny” version up (the tram) because I was still not well enough to walk that much, especially uphill. We also visited Drachenburg, a 19th century villa/castle that sits half-way up the mountain. At the top we treated ourselves to a coffee and dessert, hiding out from the cold and snowy weather on the hill. Really, everyone in Germany had had enough of winter then!

I was so happy to spend Easter with someone! Easter has always been a holiday that seems to jump up on me. Usually I don’t even feel like it is a holiday; most people in the US don’t get any days off for it, and that has usually meant that I couldn’t be home to celebrate Easter with my family, and I have often been in the thick of some sort of university project. At least this year’s Easter stands out!

Drachenburg, with my three adopted family members for the day!

The Drachenburg grounds were beautiful, even in the chilly snow!

Gold deer, anyone? Probably too tough for eating.

One of the few remaining originally restored stained glass windows at Drachenburg.

Bear rug! Rawr!

This island in the Rhine has a high school located on it. Because this island lies on the border between two German states, the school has to decide which education mandates and school schedule it wants to follow. Also, when the Rhine floods, which it does from time to time, students have to help move books and other school items to dry ground. And, as you can see, there is no bridge to the island, so students take a ferry every day!

Drachenfels ruins - if anyone wants to come visit me in Bonn, I will take you to the ruins! Also, it probably won't snow when we hike up; winter is finally over here!

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