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Wednesday, December 12

So many new things!

The last week has been a whirlwind. I have not posted anything for days, not because the weather was gray and nothing was happening, but because the weather was white, and I haven't stopped since Thursday! I have tons of things to share, but I am going to spread it all out over a couple of posts.

If you all remember, last Friday we were supposed to get snow in Bonn. Although I don't think we got the 10 centimeters we were supposed to, it did snow, and it was beautiful!

At times we even had big, fluffy snowflakes!
This is actually a photo from Saturday morning. Everything was so peaceful!
My main activity on Friday was baking. My German tandem partner picked me up in the afternoon, and we bought the necessary baking ingredients for "Hausfreunden," macaroons, and molasses cookies.

My grandma's molasses cookies! These are my all-time favorite Christmas cookie! I make these for nearly all of my holiday gatherings, and they are loved everywhere I bring them. They taste like Christmas!
"Hausfreunden" are a layered cookie, with sugar cookies, two layers of apricot jam,  and thin circles of marzipan. We dipped them in a mixture of milk and dark chocolate. These were a lot of work, but they were worth it! If you are wondering what "Hausfreunden" means, it is basically the lover of a married woman. So, I have been calling these pool boys. 
I had never made macaroons before. These we also tasty, and probably the easiest to make, except for separating the egg whites from the yolks. My tandem partner requested that I do the separating.
All of the cookies are gone now, after I took some to Austria with me, as well as sharing them with BuKa friends and my Bible study friends last night.

Did you know that snow makes Weihnachtsmaerkte even more beautiful!

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